Redemption at the wedding

Redemption at the weddingEvery culture their wedding ceremonies and values, including the tradition of redemption. In the customs of many peoples at different times, the groom had to provide a decent buy (bride price) for the bride. Traditionally, the peoples of the Caucasus, if the relatives of the bride is not quite buy that prepared the bride, the latter stole his beloved. Fortunately, in today's society medieval heritage has sunk into oblivion, and no one no one was kidnapped, and no bill for the bride (except in comic form at the wedding, the groom during the redemption request to pass the test, and if he can not cope with them, asking for compensation for overcoming thereof).

To arrange or to arrange a ransom, of course, your own business. But, like many other traditions, this tradition is gradually losing its importance. I will try in this article provide the arguments against holding the ransom. Every wedding starts with the charges the bride and groom. On the morning comes stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, etc. The bride has a little sleepy and can not fully appreciate how much time she had just gone to prepare. The most common preparation time sweeps quietly and already about to come to the groom, and for redemption had not yet ready. Even the best friend can sleep, too late or get stuck in traffic.

And then, farewell redemption, which for so long preparing, writing scripts, making decorations for the entrance, inflated balloons, etc. And if you still be able to start training him, then some way or another accessory for any contest will be somewhere safely lost. In short anyway, all these troubles with the conduct of foreclosure does not justify the spent nerves receive additional stress (and given the fact that all brides are different and in different ways may relate to the fact that the most important day something goes wrong as they wanted .) Our vast experience in wedding videos, says that it is best to abandon the already outdated tradition of redemption. Increasingly, we recommend that young charges to carry out a more relaxed atmosphere.

You can arrange a gathering in a hotel room or at home, but with a minimum number of people, so in a calm relaxed atmosphere to meet not only with ideas but also for the wedding. For when the pandemonium in the room of the guests and relatives, the bride of the rules of etiquette to greet everyone, give everyone a moment of your attention, this increases the risk not make it to the fee. In case of refusal to buy the idea of ​​free time to spend on a delightful photo shoot and video collections, which will decorate and fill soulful tender feelings wedding video, wedding will be a wonderful start of the film. You can then make a small drink before the journey to the registrar. A chat with your friends and family in full, do not give each one a minute of your attention, when the hurry is no longer needed, it will be possible after registration and during the banquet.