Love Story, shooting the film

As noted earlier in the section of the same name that Love Story is a mini story, a sketch of the life of the people who love each other. First of all, Love Story - a way to express emotions, moods and feelings on the way the video. What are Love Story . Most often, these films show takes place directly at the celebration. Where are the protagonists of the couple. In the film tells the story of their participation on the reciprocity of feelings, is a story about relationships, showing snippets of their lives. However, a love story, filmed in advance is not only entertaining character. It's a way to reach understanding on the set between the video artist and a young couple before the wedding, as well as the possibility of a realistic assessment of the level of high skill to triumph.

As a result of shooting and editing LavStori young can say with certainty: "This is our artist" - and has to be completely confident in the correctness of the choice. Otherwise, if the customer expectations are not justified by the choice of a specialist or is no understanding at the shooting process, the search for candidate videograph this does not stop, because there still time to find the very same who will be easy and comfortable.

By filming these movies are best approached with a creative side. Pre-meeting with the specialist to whom you entrust the production of video, chat, make friends, discuss the idea to paint the original script, based on their time and financial resources. Any improvisation on the shooting and the creative expression is always welcome, it can convey the complexity and beauty of your rich spiritual inner world. Stories can be divided into several types: shooting in a day or which is being shot in a few days in different locations and weather conditions. The first simple in its implementation is only at first glance. In fact, it is not so. In order to capture lavstori in one day, you need a pre-prepared script, an agreement on film sets (if using multiple locations), the ability to quickly move from one location to the use of a limited number of personnel involved characters and use a minimal amount of equipment.

That's when shooting several days, then at various stages, you can make adjustments to the script, the use of more sophisticated equipment to satisfy the most artistic component of the roller and reduce technological marriage. It is also possible to distinguish between lavstori content: classic - the story of walking in the park and romantic picnic at a table in a restaurant, naughty - the story of a complex plot with a bunch of all sorts of impossible and ridiculous and hilarious situations. Despite the apparent complexity in the shooting lavstori, the pleasure derived from all participants in the process of filming, will be remembered for a long time.