The image of the bride

Despite the fact that the natural beauty of each girl is unique, this long-awaited and exciting day like any beauty look irresistible in the literal and figurative sense. I want so in memory of relatives and friends, pictures and videos you were as young and beautiful as the day of your wedding. Creating an image of wedding the bride is not limited to going to the salon to try on dresses. Approach to choosing a wedding dress should be very careful, do not forget that no matter how beautiful it does not look like you have to walk in it all day. Imagine if you can stand or not. We recommend to choose a dress which will be comfortable, whether it is a magnificent krenalinovoe dress or a dress with a plunging neckline for legs and a long train. We believe that the design of dress must speak of a rich inner world of the bride, to reflect its beauty and youth.

Of course the ideal option would be to the individual tailoring of the dress. Then we can give all the imagination and the will to get the perfect result for you. But what happens when there is no time for endless trying on? The output is only one - to go to salons and try on the one you like the appropriate attire. As with the selection of dresses to choose hairstyles, manicures and need to come with great attention. You can also walk to the solarium before the wedding, if you want to be with beautiful tanned skin. Whiten teeth, and much more that your mind likes to make this celebration.

To a large extent to reveal the image of the bride will competently executed make-up. A quality assurance mejk add to this the bride is not easy and exciting for her day. After all, the thought that his face that something is wrong may spoil a holiday. Perfect - this is one that is not noticeable, but only emphasizes natural beauty. We recommend to take care of his way to a wedding before. If there is a need, then seek help from a beautician.

Here, too, need to understand that the trip to the beautician for a few days before the wedding can give unpredictable results and may be a chance that after cleaning the face, the skin will not have time to come to the desired shape. Find a stylist who will be easy to work on that day is not so simple. Pre-trial to advise mejk and walk in it to make sure in its capacity as the material used to it, so that your wedding day all thoughts were focused not on the quality of the image made by a stylist, but the most close and dear to people.