Stages of promotional video

Videography advertising, TV commercial begins with a customer's call, from the first communication. At this stage the team to discuss the possibilities and opportunities of the client. Reached an understanding on both sides is something to have to work. If the first stage reached an agreement drawn up and approved budget and stipulated time for execution of all works from writing the script, casting, selecting the set, the final post-production and subsequent to the prospect of filming new commercials.

Further to the question of writing the original screenplay writer included. In the words of the customer is about the scenario plan. On the basis of which the writer offers several options for the script. Following the approval of one of them and entering in the main scenario of technical adjustments, taking into account the peculiarities of video advertising of any product, service, there is a casting, and selection of shooting locations.

Casting is conducted as a means to attract casting agents or by means of the choice of actors from the staff of the company advertised. Provided that, if the customer is not able to pick up the set and props to your taste, these are handled by experts for an additional charge. As a rule the difficulty shooting in certain locations, such as urban views and landscapes are complicated by lengthy and costly the negotiation process with the City upon receipt of appropriate permits to conduct commercial filming in public places. Many times, inhibiting film production typically try to stipulate in the approval stages of the script, choosing a less labor-intensive technologies, such as replacement of shooting on location photography studio pravilonnoy.

After selecting the location, casting, purchase and lease the necessary props, begins filming video advertising. The need for the presence of on-set representative of the customer is usually required, especially at the time of production of important keywords and high-tech labor-intensive stages: execution of make-up movie heroes, working with a stunt or scene that put to risk the lives of the actors. After shooting, begins a long and hard process of post production, with the possibility of integrating 2D and 3D graphics, the presence of which was approved and negotiated a plan scenario. In parallel, announcer voice, if it takes place. Postproduction finally completed after several adjustments to the demo versions of video advertising. And signed by the act and the acceptance of work performed.