Wedding procession

Before the wedding, the newlyweds will have to make difficult choices, not only associated with the development of their family life, but also to the definition of what the car will be the movement of the young couple from one place to another. This article focuses on the wedding car and all that with it one way or another connected. So what should be the wedding car and its maintenance? Let's try to express their views in this regard.

If you are planning a thematic wedding, providing a certain Dresscode, for example: in the style of Chicago's 30-40s, or dudes, in the strict classical or folk costumes, this list is endless, what your flight will be enough only boundless imagination - it is necessary to think about such an important part of this holiday as a car that will emphasize the style of the current event. To date, the most refined taste, and for the most demanding customer, there is the possibility of selection is the very car that the rest of family life will associate you with your wedding day. For thematic weddings in the Chicago style, or you can use any dudes retro car. Despite the fact that inside the cabin of the car is not as roomy and comfortable, but the feeling of being inside him, a frequent studded leather rare animal, are a delight even the most discerning connoisseurs of cars.Limousine for wedding procession

A photograph as in common with friends and family first made its background or inside the cabin will please you for many years, casting an atmosphere of memories of that day. It would not have sounded trite phrase: "With a choice of cars inquire about his condition, read the reviews on the forums about his impressions of this car, reviews of companies providing these services." Do not be lazy! Because it is not uncommon when you order from a company car, and the other comes to you, or do not come. Unfortunately such statistics, and often in the pursuit for super unscrupulous companies that provide this service, go to the trick, in the treaties indicate the kind of car (limo), and do not indicate a specific model, such as you have booked a limo for 20 people and talked to the manager about it, for example - white and beige come to you or some other obscure. Frequent failure of limousines on the road, often with an air conditioner, pay attention to it.

Of course this is the kind of vehicle many people associate with a wedding celebration. It is very convenient when all go to one company, drinking, having fun. But what if you got up in a traffic jam with broken air conditioners, when it's 30? A very interesting option - a separate machine for the young, whether it be a retro car or a car business class. It is very convenient in terms of moving to metropolis. Another no less interesting option is to hold a wedding out of town in a hotel or restaurant, when the problem of traffic jams and ride comfort to places of "pilgrimage" is not urgent, but this was already in another article. Either way the choice is yours.