Bouquet bride

Probably one of the required attributes and associated with the bride is her wedding bouquet. Flowers have long been the subject of decorating weddings. You can decorate with flowers the hotel room, where the fees will take a bride. It is also decorated with flower arrangements for wedding reception tables. The most important element of the floral decorations wedding of course is a wedding bridal bouquet. On this day, the mood of the bride will depend largely on the surrounding atmosphere, an atmosphere of happiness and celebration.

Taking into account the wishes, well-designed bouquet that throughout the day will be in the hands of the bride, will add a delicate image of the natural beauty of its flowers, members of the floral arrangement. When choosing a bridal bouquet of flowers to the florists take into account numerous factors such as: the nature of man, his age, eye and hair color, etc. One of the most popular wedding flowers is a bouquet basket. This floral arrangement takes on a whole set of the bride's favorite flowers. Classic severe long bouquet consisting of flowers with long stems, tied with a bow in the middle of a beautiful ribbon, common to many weddings. Bouquet of the ball, its spread has the largest in America and Western Europe.

The shape of the bouquet speaks for itself, when the stems in a bouquet of flowers attached to a spherical shape. The compact size and the presence of the loop to be worn on the wrist bouquet makes an elegant image of the bride and the feminine. Glameliya - a kind of designer flower petals collected from a variety of different colors, and were later joined together with glue. Biedermeier - frequent wedding bouquet. A dense bunch of different shades and colors assembled in a circle. Thanks portbuketnitse (plastic base with a sponge filler to maintain moisture) of this bouquet will look like a long time, as has just been cut. The history of wedding bouquets changed over the centuries. For example at one time so that the etiquette required in the bouquet the bride were flower petals tinged with red, in another entirely white.

There is no doubt an essential element in the form of a wedding is the bride her bouquet and the groom in a suit such an element is a boutonniere. Also, boutonniere and groomsmen decorate. Mini decks are bridesmaid bracelet made in a video on a hand or a small flower basket. If you bother to create their own bouquet and floral arrangements banquet, try to come up with such a composition that will reflect your own feelings, mood and character.