Videography in Moscow and Moscow region

We manufacture: commercials, corporate and educational films, creative and music videos and promo clips. Engaged in professional videography and video editing various events: weddings, videography, photography anniversary, Love Story, birthday, children's parties, etc. Creating video presentations, slide shows, movies make installation of your material.

Professional videography

In every person's life there are events that Events with long fade into memory. Fortunately with the development of scientific and technological progress is such an opportunity, it's a movie. Beautifully and accurately capture the event, the mood, reflect the emotions that will overwhelm you while watching a movie, the movie - a professional videographer job, videographer.

Lead, a holiday atmosphere, uplifting others, in turn wedding videographer, wedding videographer will help in this solemn day for you to save the event in high quality, do not miss important points and give the holiday atmosphere in the assembled film surrounds you in this not forget the day.

Video editing

Videotapes or roller is not very simple process. It begins with the study of technical literature. Requires knowledge of the drama, directed by instinct, you need to pay attention to color correction. To the film was not boring, it is important to interest the viewer, to impose their point of view. In the first phase of installation dates are sorted doubles.

According to perform rough storyboard bonding for understanding the timing, sequence of events and the structure of the film. Installation is thus intrigue that persists until the end of the film. In a lot of old movies tapered scenes from watching them lose interest in the painting itself. Our work is not dynamic and time duration, whereby they retained internal rhythm that allows you to go back to view them again and again.